National Geographic Film Makers visit Hatteras: Extreme Weather at Sea

July 27, 2019
Kate Pullen

Earlier this month I had the honor of connecting with Laurie and Nathan, producers working for KEO Films, an award-winning documentary maker based in the UK. Laurie and Nathan are producing a new series for National Geographic about extreme weather at sea.

“The series is a far-reaching, global look at weather and how companies/individuals and their workforce deal with extreme weather events such as hurricanes.” Through the series Laurie and Nathan hope to “tell the stories of people whose day jobs put them in the path of epic weather events and the systems, procedures, engineering, and extraordinary expertise that keeps them and their vessels and equipment safe in the face of these challenges.”

Laurie contacted me when she began researching for the National Geographic Documentary. She found the Independent Watermen Project, and was intrigued by the lives of Hatteras Watermen. In a few short weeks, we coordinated meetings with local watermen, and before I knew it, Laurie and Nathan were in Hatteras. Though this visit was brief, Laurie and Nathan received a jam-packed day filled with open arms Hatteras Hospitality. The day included a “round table” discussion with legendary watermen, a tour of Jeffery’s Fish House, and ended the way all great days do… with a summer afternoon fish fry courtesy of Todd & MaryElon Ballance.

It was enlightening to watch Laurie and Nathan interact with the people they met. They genuinely invested in every conversation, and they were “blown away” by the uniqueness, hardship, resiliency, and friendliness the encompasses Hatteras Life.  I’m really looking forward to watching their project unfold, and I’m incredibly excited for the awareness this project might give to our hardworking watermen.

A huge thank you Taylor and Kelsey Aiken, Todd and MaryElon Balance, and all of the Hatteras Watermen that came out to meet and talk to Laurie and Nathan!

To find out more about NC Hatteras Watermen, visit NC Watermen United. Also, if you’re in Hatteras, make sure to stop by the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum to see the Independent Watermen Project Exhibit.


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