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Mar 06, 2020


Tennis. That's the subject of about 99% of my conversations with my son Jackson these days. He's been a tennis fanatic since he was in the third grade. He started USTA league about that time, but just this year we started traveling for tournaments. It's funny how life works, we got reconnected to tournament play through our awesome friend Brooke and her family at Green Ridge Raquet Club in Snow Hill, NC. Turns out that isn't too far away from my brother and his family. It's been a huge blessing to drive out, compete, and get family time. My brother and I played for Cape Hatteras, and Jackson's always hoped he would be able to play for Cape Hatteras too. This year that hope is realized with a Hurricanes Varsity Men's Tennis team of 11 athletes! Our family is really grateful for the hard work of Coach Spruill, tennis Coaches Ian and Carlos, and Jerry Rosell for making it happen. Go Canes!