This is Life: Feb 7 Week in Review

February 6, 2016
Kate Pullen

Trying to be a better person, a better photographer, I’m forcing myself to be alert for definitive moments as they happen. I don’t always capture them… it’s an ongoing process.. with each image I learn a little more about myself, my strengths, and weaknesses. So I expectantly carried my camera with me everywhere I went this week. Nothing out of the ordinary, just moments, nothing fancy, just the everyday…

(Top-Bottom: Kate reading to Brianne and I in the office. Jackson and his buddy Austin playing ball after school. Chocolate face Kenzilla hanging on the hammock. Zilla in the zone on her iPad. My sister and Dad. My nephew, Darryl opening his birthday present. Work lunch with  gingers Jerry & Brianne. Kenzilla at Author night at the elementary school. Kids at Wyldlife Club. Jerry leading Wyldlife.. speaking from Matthew 21. Conversing with fishermen on a Saturday Sunrise ride out to the Cape Point.)

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This is Life. Week in Review. North Carolina Documentary Photographer. Daniel Pullen.