Thanks for visiting! Hatteras Island Wintering Seals.

March 24, 2015
Kate Pullen

This winter was brutal, and though it might have deterred human visitors to the Island, it certainly visibly increased the amount of seal visitors. It seemed like every time Daniel has gone out to shoot waves at Cape Point, he has seen a new seal. Then, when he gets back into the office to post photos, we get messages and phone calls that others have been spotted. It has been really cool to see their personalities and we could all learn a thing about yoga from them it seems.

A little info about these seals. They are frequent winter visitors to Cape Hatteras National Seashore. These brown, gray, or tan, seals start out from New England, and swim the cold waters of the Labrador Current. When they reach the convergence of the Labrador and Gulf Stream, just off of Cape Hatteras, they will typically turn back north. However, there are those that choose to detour on to the beaches of the Seashore. Typically they are resting and feeding while they are on the beach. Though they are cute in appearance, these are wild animals, and visitors are required to stay away from them. To protect the seals, the National Park Service will rope off areas where seals have beached themselves to protect both the seals and the visitors who like to watch them.

Seal Prints are available on our Print Gallery.

– Kate