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Andy + Erin, Hatteras Village Engagements

Mar 12 2017


Andy & Tori: Wedding in the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Oct 20 2016

Community. Definition: a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common, or a feeling of fellowship with…

Hangin’ Net

Feb 23 2016

My friend Jerry Rosell called me yesterday to let me know he and his dad were going to be hanging net. Jerry’s…

Oyster Roast at Oden’s Dock

Feb 07 2016

Hatteras Oyster Roast NC Coastal Federation NC Coastal Federation put on a Oyster Roast hosted at Oden’s Dock yesterday afternoon. It was a…

Birds Eye View of Hatteras Island

Oct 10 2015

Dan Kramer, a friend of mine, gave me a call a couple evenings ago and asked if I wanted to go flying…