Runnin’ Drum

November 11, 2015
Kate Pullen

When I headed out on this particular evening to shoot my intentions weren’t too shoot fishing at Cape Point.

A good friend, Elwood, had called and given me a heads up that a crazy cold front was getting ready to push through. I rushed out to the Point to see if I could shoot it.

The Front ended up stalling over the Northern Outer Banks til after dark, so I was definitely in the wrong place to shoot it.

I thought about heading back home, but then, just as the sun set the Drum Bite went crazy.

I think I saw 5 BIG Drum landed at one time.

It’s cool how things unexpectedly work out sometimes.

20151107_front_drum_point_0017 20151107_front_drum_point_0023 20151107_front_drum_point_0100 20151107_front_drum_point_0160 20151107_front_drum_point_0216 20151107_front_drum_point_0231 20151107_front_drum_point_0260 20151107_front_drum_point_0278 20151107_front_drum_point_0287Cape Point Drum  Blitz

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