More Refugee Boats on Hatteras Island

October 8, 2016
Kate Pullen

Earlier today I was running around Buxton taking photos of Storm Prep when I ran into Donna Williams.

She showed me photos of 2 more Refugee Boats that had washed up on the Beach in North Avon.

I was able to meet up with her husband Jarvis at his compound to snap a few photos of the boats.

I still can’t wrap my head around climbing into one of these to sail across open seas.

Definition of Bravery.


20161008_storm_refugee_0122 20161008_storm_refugee_0125 20161008_storm_refugee_0129 20161008_storm_refugee_0141 20161008_storm_refugee_0158 20161008_storm_refugee_0165 20161008_storm_refugee_0173 20161008_storm_refugee_0179

20161008_storm_refugee_0202 20161008_storm_refugee_0206 20161008_storm_refugee_0219 20161008_storm_refugee_0244 20161008_storm_refugee_0263 20161008_storm_refugee_0265 20161008_storm_refugee_0269 20161008_storm_refugee_0278 20161008_storm_refugee_0293

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This really puts things into perspective. Our hard times are not the same as theirs. I hope that somewhere, somehow, the people who went to sea in these “boats” survived.


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