Pat & Susan, Cape Point Engagement Session

April 8, 2016
Kate Pullen

We were honored to get the chance to work with Patrick and Susan for their Hatteras Island engagement photography session. In order to create and cast vision for their session, we asked Patrick and Susan to fill us in on their personalities, and what they were looking for in their session. Below is what they wrote:

  • Q. What is most important to you about your engagement session? We really want candid, natural looking photos. The pictures are not just about capturing our love for each other, but also the beauty, comfort and tranquility that Hatteras Island brings to our lives. We fell in love on the island and it’s our favorite place in the world. We really appreciate your artistic eye and hope that the weather works in our favor 🙂
  • Q. Tell us a little bit about yourselves- what your hobbies are, what you like to do together, etc.? Patrick and I are teachers. I teach fifth grade at a public school here in Maryland. Patrick is a music teacher. He and his best friend opened up a music school and teach students of all ages. Patrick plays just about every instrument, but is an extremely talented guitar player. We both love the beach. Patrick’s favorite past time is fishing 🙂 If the conditions are right, he spends most Spring break evenings at the Point in hopes of catching a few drum. I am a fan of surf fishing; but prefer a more lackadaisical approach 🙂 I enjoy catching pompano and spot on the surf with a drink in hand. 
Ultimately, we are a laid back couple who greatly enjoy each other’s company and appreciate everything about the island. In a perfect world, we would live in Hatteras. Patrick would fish commercially and I would teach during the year and paint all summer long.
  • Q. Anything else that would be helpful for us to know? We love your work and are honored to have the opportunity to work with your team. 
Going into the session with a vision really helped us to make images we felt would reflect Pat & Susan’s artistic spirits and their love for all things Hatteras. We wanted to create a collection of images that would run the whole spectrum of Hatteras Island life, so we started at Oden’s Dock, and incorporated the Frisco Pier and the Maritime Forest, before heading to Cape Point for fishing and tailgating. Below are a selection of our favorites. Hope you enjoy!
Daniel and Kate

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