Masen + Malia Meeting for the First Time

February 16, 2015
Kate Pullen

Fore sure two of the greatest moments in my life were when Kate and I brought our kids home for the first time. It’s a moment that changes you forever… Really grateful that I have been able to share first moments with Brett & Casey Barley. I was able to be there right after big man Masen was born, and humbled that they let me come over and document Masen’s anticipation and excitement when he was waiting for and then met his baby sister Malia. The Head’s and Barley’s have been a huge part of my family’s life since Kate and I got married, and it is such a blessing to see them celebrate this really awesome moment.

Welcome to the world Malia Barley!

Photos: Daniel


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I just love these photos, they are perfect! Breathe taking