Marbella, A Pony, A Friend, and A Chicken

November 13, 2015
Kate Pullen

Stayed with friends, Dawn & Roberto after a late session back in October. The next day we shot¬†family portraits. After the session, we decided to head down to a neighbor’s pasture so Marbella could show me the pony…

Now, Marbella is pretty much a mess….a beautiful mess, love her… but I will say, “Good luck, Roberto!”

So, here are a few shots with Marbella, her buddy, a pony, and a chicken.
20151101_moraga_0048 20151101_moraga_0051 20151101_moraga_0061 20151101_moraga_0068 20151101_moraga_0084 20151101_moraga_0089 20151101_moraga_0090 20151101_moraga_0102 20151101_moraga_0105 20151101_moraga_0110 20151101_moraga_0118 20151101_moraga_0120 20151101_moraga_0129

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