Lighthouse Repair Work

March 2, 2016
Kate Pullen


Well kind of.

Relentless Salt Air, Winds and Storms start to take a toll on everything on Hatteras.

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is no exception.

I would argue it receives most of the abuse that these elements dish out.

The Light at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has been stuck for a few days now.

It isn’t literally stuck, it just needs a little bit of work.

If it is a simple fix the National Park Service will make the fix, but if its a little more complicated they call on the Coast Guard to help in the repair process.

Dan Brennan from the US Coast Guard has been hard at work on fixing the problem. I don’t envy the numerous walks up and down the Light, or the pressure he is under to fix the issue. I envy his resolve and staying cool under pressure, working diligently to get the job done. So, when you see the light turning again, know we have Dan to thank!


I am thankful for the National Park Service allowing me to be a photography volunteer to work periodically throughout the year on documenting important moments on Cape Hatteras National Seashore. These volunteer opportunities are for the benefit of providing photographic documentation that can serve as educational and historical resources for the public. These photos are property of the US National Park Service, and are not for sale.



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Debbie Williams
March 2, 2016 6:38 pm

I find this all very interesting. My Grandfather, Chris Siegle, put in the first electric light in the Hatteras Lighthouse many years ago. A mural of himself with to others is at the museum .
Thanks for the pictures. I wish he was still here to see them.


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