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April 29, 2016
Kate Pullen

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Back in March I was approached by Ledbury, an American self-starter clothing company for men, about making images for their Summer Catalog. They had already been down on the Outer Banks to shoot for some of their work, but Scott Busbey (owner/shaper In the Eye Surfboards and Natural Art Surf Shop) had sent them my way when they approached him about an interview for the catalog. (Thanks Scott!) Scott has been pretty influential in my life- he gave me my first surf shop job, entrusted me to paint his boards, and put up with a lot of laziness from me back in the day. His work ethic is something that I have always admired, and Kate and I have tried to build our business with a similar ethic. Work Hard. Make Great Quality Work. Live Simply. Family first. Don’t forget to take time to surf. Tenets to live by for sure.

Ledbury interviewed Scott about his life, work as a shaper. Check it out in their catalog. Also check out the full article on Ledbury’s Blog.

The catalog also features a really great article about  Buxton’s own Kevin McCabe, as well as an excerpt from photographer, Chris Bickford’s project “Legends of the Sandbar”- really admire Chris’ project- it’s awesome. Make sure to check it all out. Glad to have been a part of this project with such talented people.

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