Kyle & Cat, Hatteras Engagements

May 2, 2016
Kate Pullen

Kyle & Cat braved 30 mph winds and pretty chilly temps for their engagement session. On the way to the session we stopped by our friend, Casey’s house, to pick up handmade quilts to help keep them warm. Here are a few favorites from this session.

20160415_catkyle_0013 20160415_catkyle_0015 20160415_catkyle_0023 20160415_catkyle_0024 20160415_catkyle_0036 20160415_catkyle_0040 20160415_catkyle_0041 20160415_catkyle_0048 20160415_catkyle_0052 20160415_catkyle_0055 20160415_catkyle_0058 20160415_catkyle_0063 20160415_catkyle_0064 20160415_catkyle_0069 20160415_catkyle_0073 20160415_catkyle_0076 20160415_catkyle_007820160415_catkyle_0086 20160415_catkyle_0092 20160415_catkyle_0098 20160415_catkyle_0099 20160415_catkyle_0104 20160415_catkyle_0105 20160415_catkyle_0109

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