Katie Williams and a Tree on the Beach

May 1, 2015
Kate Pullen

I went on a beach walk yesterday to kind of clear my head.

Saw this tree way down the beach.

I really wanted to shoot some portraits that incorporated the tree.

We have a low pushing off of the coast today and the surf is supposed to get large so that tree doesn’t really stand a chance.

I was able to get Katie Williams to commit to shooing in the evening.

I had photos in mind that I wanted to shoot going in, but didn’t really work out do to the wind.

I had my assistant Brooke holding a soft box to diffuse light.

Holding a soft box in 25mph winds is like fighting a 75lb fish, it just beats you up.

That is generally how things work here shooting on Hatteras, you have something in mind you want to do but the weather dictates in the end…

Still pleased with what I was able to create.


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