Joel + Grace, Match made in heaven

November 7, 2015
Kate Pullen

Photos by Iva Brooke

Joel + Grace met while volunteering on Hatteras during the summer of 2014 for 316 Skate, a ministry that pours into Hatteras middle school and high school aged kids.  Joel actually lived with us for the summer, and the entire summer we saw him only a handful of times in the house…. at the end of summer, we found out why… when he wasn’t spending time with the kids, he had been falling in love with Grace.

When they approached us about their wedding day, we were all in. Only thing, a hurricane threw a wrench in things…. Their wedding was pushed up a day early as Joaquin approached, and we had to do some masterful scheduling to orchestrate the weekend. Brooke, took over for Joel & Grace’s wedding. Brooke and her husband Jerry lead 316 Skate, and knew Joel + Grace before they met each other. In a way, I suppose, that it was Brooke & Jerry’s leading to have Joel + Grace come for the summer that led to this day. So, it was perfectly fitting that Brooke document the day.

Throughout the race against the storm, Joel + Grace always remained constant on three things: patience, resolve, and love. As their day unfolded a community of friends and family pulled together, and as was fitting, Joel + Grace had a spectacular and memorable evening.

Love conquered all on their day.

– Side note. Super grateful for Brooke, who did a phenomenal job capturing the spirit of the day.

— kate

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