Hatteras Photography Workshops: Summer 1:1 Sessions

August 7, 2015
Kate Pullen



Hatteras Photography Workshops have been going great well into the summer. Its been awesome to work with photography students from all walks of life, photography experience, and interests. Most recently, I had an evening 1:1 session with Michelle, who is a portrait photographer. During my 1:1 sessions I like to make sure that we focus on what the client is most interested in learning. For Michelle it was lighting and some of the back-end digital development. She brought along her husband who modeled for us. All the elements cooperated for an incredible session, but most important to me is that our clients walk away knowing more and feeling more confident about their work than when they stepped in our studio door. Fall Hatteras Photography Workshop Schedule and details coming soon!

20150726_workshop_0013 20150726_workshop_0016 20150726_workshop_0019

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