Hatteras First Effects of Joaquin

October 4, 2015
Kate Pullen

I don’t know if it was a really low tide this morning, but I didn’t think it was going to be too bad this afternoon.

Was I ever wrong…

It was like someone threw a switch and the ocean just started SURGING.

I took my kids with me to photograph the over wash.

These photos were taken at high tide.

The swell from Joaquin is supposed to peak sometime tomorrow.

The next couple of high tides are going to be pretty bad here in Buxton.

I might venture up to Rodanthe tomorrow morning to see how things are up north.

Keep all of the FOLKS in your prayers that are being affected by this storm.



Kenzilla standing on a kayak submerged upside down along Cottage Avenue, Buxton NC.


Kenzilla looking over the ocean at Tower Circle, Buxton N.C.


Beach Houses on Tower Circle feeling the rising water from Hurricane Joaquin.


Buxton Beach Houses feeling the heat from Hurricane Joaquin.


Outer Banks Motels being hit hard by rising tide and ocean swell kicked up by Hurricane Joaquin.


Yes, I take my kids with me to document storm coverage when it’s not too bad yet. Though she is smiling in the photo,  it’s been a good way to teach them about storms and their seriousness.


Ok, we do our best to stay safe. Jackson and Kenzilla running from wave at Outer Banks Motel.


Outer Banks Motel hardcore employees pumping out water and keeping the drain clean as Hurricane Joaquin kicks up surf.


Weather Channel News Crew in Buxton, documenting storm coverage from Hurricane Joaquin.


Buxton locals, Dan Kramer, and his daughter Audrey, watching the water wash in on Cottage Avenue, Buxton.


Walking to higher ground along Cottage Avenue, Buxton Village


Wave hitting bulkhead at the end of Cottage Avenue, Buxton, Hatteras Island. Feeling the effects of Hurricane Joaquin.


Jackson and Kenzey heading back to the car along the beach front in Buxton.


Dan Kramer and daughter Audrey, watching my crazy kids last hurrah in the storm surge for the day.

Hatteras First Effects of Joaquin Hurricane Joaquin Hits Hatteras Buxton North Carolina


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Thanks for the pictures!!! Would love to see pictures from Rodanthe if you go up there tomorrow. I tried to look on the Rodanthe pier webcam, but it’s down this afternoon!!


Thanks for giving us a look at what is going on down on Hatteras. Can’t imagine how bad things would be if the hurricane was coming closing to our barrier islands. Love that you take the kids out to experience all sides of Mother Nature.


Thank you for sharing the pictures from the storm. Please stay safe !!!!


Thanks for sharing. Hope all are safe.


Your photos are absolutely amazing! Stay safe!

Marilyn Herbert
October 4, 2015 11:00 pm

Praying for all of you on the Outer Banks. Stay safe and God bless you all.


Praying for all of you to be safe. And for no real damage to the Island. Stay safe and God Bless all of you.


Awesome photos. Thank you for sharing.


Great shots Daniel … nice to see some updates since moving off the island


[…] Daniel Pullen is a local photographer here.  He always ventures out before, during and after storms to capture mother nature at her best and worst.  Thanks Pullen!!  Here is his latest… HATTERAS FIRST EFFECTS OF JOAQUIN. […]


Thanks for sharing these. I know the village and Buxton well. Hatteras Village is probably worse than Buxton. Now you know the government will be slow. I really hope they do the beach reclamation project in 2016 for you and all of us who love the Outer Banks. Again thanks so much for sharing.

Carolyn Sidwell
October 8, 2015 9:05 pm

Thank you…great photo story..prayers for all and speedy recovery to this incredible place…OBX


absolutely amazing photographs and a visual testament to will and resolve of the “Bankers”


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