Hangin’ Net

February 23, 2016
Kate Pullen

My friend Jerry Rosell called me yesterday to let me know he and his dad were going to be hanging net.

Jerry’s dad, Paul Rosell (also a good friend) spends his winters commercial fishing for Spiny Dog Sharks.

Jerry helps his dad a few times a week when he is fishing or when he needs help with boat and net upkeep.

I was underdressed and not prepared for the cold weather, so I only stayed for about a half hour.

Hanging net is a really cool process.

Wish I could have been there a little longer to show more of the process, but these images should give you and idea of what goes into making a net.

I am hoping to ride out with Paul and Jerry next week to document them fishing together.

Now if only the weather will cooperate for calm seas…




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Hanging and mending nets…an art!!!!!


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