Graffiti_Puerto Rico

April 6, 2016
Kate Pullen

Graffiti has always been an inspiration to me.

Painting used to be as much a part of my life as photography. About 5 years ago I just burnt out…Burn out for me came for several reasons, but one major reason was that what I needed to paint to make money and what I wanted to paint were too different things. Paintings of the lighthouse and waves sold every time… but I was over painting them. I couldn’t paint anymore for the sake of selling something… and while Kate and I were in Puerto Rico this winter, I was reminded of what once drove my desire to paint… art for the sake of art and expression of ideas…

A friend and fellow photographer we met at the workshop, Brad Crittenden took us around town to look at city sponsored art… for blocks we walked through neighborhoods colored with some of the most intricate work I’ve seen… The work speaks for itself.



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