Flip the Script

October 21, 2015
Kate Pullen

I’ve been in this weird photography funk the past couple of days.

I think everyone deals with “Work Funk” what ever field of work they are in…

I don’t know if its the transition of the end of a season and the beginning of another…

What ever it is, last night I was over it, and I decided I needed to focused on seeing the “everyday” in a new way.

So, before dinner last night, I went to shoot sunset… no two sunsets are the same, but somehow even they had become mundane… I just needed to force myself to see them differently.

The photos are not groundbreaking by any means, but they reminded me that sometimes we can see things everyday through one lens… and switching perspective can open up an entirely new view… and lease on our own creativity.




20151020_sound_glassy_0005 20151020_sound_glassy_0035 20151020_sound_glassy_0036 20151020_sound_glassy_0052 20151020_sound_glassy_0081

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