Documentary Sessions


“Oh my goodness, these are so fantastic!! That day was one of my favorites of our whole trip. What a treasure to have these to remember our wonderful time in Corolla. Thank you so much, Daniel for capturing these moments so perfectly and for being so great to work with! ” BrookAnn

Launched in 2014, our Family Documentary Sessions began as “A Day At The Beach” lifestyle documentary coverage of families on vacation on the Outer Banks. While the traditional family portrait session holds candid elements to the session, what it lacks is the intimate family moments where one forgets that the camera is around. These everyday moments are our personal favorite treasures, and we wanted to extend documenting these moments to vacationing families. With professional underwater housing and 12+ years experience as a professional surf photographer, Daniel is not only able to creatively shoot the ins and outs of the day, but also the “in the water” moments in a way that few can. Daniel’s keen artistic eye and documentary training enables him to capture the uninhibited expressions, tender exchanges, and even the grouchy-in-need-of-a-nap moments of daily life. The half or full day session ends with a formal fine art portrait session, giving our clients the best of both worlds.

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