Erosion in Buxton

March 29, 2015
Kate Pullen

It has been a few weeks since I have checked out Tower Circle off of Old Light House Road in Buxton.

I was AMAZED at how bad the beach had eroded with no major winter storms to speak of in the past couple of months.

I used to live on Cottage Avenue, one street up from North Tower Circle.

There used to be a pretty good chunk of beach back there but over the years the beaches have taken a beating.

We are supposed to get beach nourishment next summer.

Hopefully this whole stretch can hold on for that long.

These photos were taken early this am at mid tide.



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Could you please post some beach pictures of the two cottages on the beach at the Outer Banks Motel.


Knowing the water comes up to their properties those owners should do a better job of securing their belongings. They should be charged from removal of the debris and trash littering the beach. Shame on them. No one is to blame for mother nature’s encroaching on a sandbar.

Buxton homeowner
March 30, 2015 8:09 pm

mega, have you been there during a storm that brings breaking waves ashore at or above the dune line? It takes awhile after the waters subside to clean up the debris, but we (property owners) do it every time. We have a vested interest in restoring our properties and the beaches they are on back to pristine conditions for the visitors who rent our homes and enjoy the Outer Banks. We spend lots of time traveling there from our inland homes, shoveling sand and cleaning up debris, and we spend lots of money (not covered by insurance, usually) for heavy equipment operators to assist in that effort.


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