Coastwatch: NC Sea Grant Magazine

January 15, 2015
Kate Pullen

Coastwatch: NC Sea Grant Magazine

Coastwatch: NC Sea Grant Magazine is an experience I’m incredibly excited about. The Hatteras Fisherman Project has given me the opportunity to work with a lot of incredible fishermen, and I have been really stoked to work with NC Sea Grant Magazine, Coastwatch  on an article about strength, courage, and resilience, of two local women, whose lives are inextricably intertwined with the world of commercial fishing.

I was fascinated documenting Micah Daniels of Wanchese Fish Company, as she oversaw thousands upon thousands of pounds of fish delivered into the warehouse. With one hand on the fish and another on her cell, she would sort fish, text photos to her buyers, sell and package the orders without blinking an eye.

Likewise, Shannon Dunn, a Buxton native fisherwoman, runs her own boat amongst the hardcore Hatteras fisherman who have been fishing for decades. Her resolve and dedication gives hope that this industry and culture will withstand the threats by international overfishing and crippling over regulation. Coastwatch: NC Sea Grant Magazine has been incredible, and these are only a few of the moments we captured.

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