Buxton Feeling Hurricane Joaquin

October 5, 2015
Kate Pullen

You know you live in a unique place when school is cancelled due to Tide on the Road.

My Daughter was pumped this am when we told her that school had been cancelled because of Ocean Over Wash on the only road we have, Hwy 12, created by Joaquin and another Coastal Low.

It was more of the same today.

Water every where but the wind was definitely stronger and more out of the north today.

Hopefully the worst is over and starts to die down.

Looking forward to calmer days and sunshine.



My storm chaser daugher, Kenzey, aka. Kenzilla is always up for shooting with me. Below is tide coming over North Buxton.
20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_007North Buxton rental homes. Just a couple of days ago we saw families playing on the beach together here. There was over wash, but there was also still beach.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_037North Buxton- flooded well over Old Lighthouse Rd.
20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_061Keep in mind these houses stand well over 10 feet above ground on pilings. Surf has pushed tons of sand underneath the houses.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_109Side roads between cottages under feet of sand and water in North Buxton Village.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_143North Buxton Village Homes getting battered by tide, sand, and surf. The dunes have been completely pushed back under the houses.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_151A view from North Buxton looking towards the Old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Site.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_161Perspective. This is a regulation sized goal along the street in North Buxton. Makenzey, who is about 4 foot 9 can nearly dunk on this goal.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_205Buxton homeowners and locals, Brett Schulz, Freddy James, and McCoy come to check out the damage. The house behind them has a two car carport space under the house, which usually has about 10 feet of clearance. Not today.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_222Kenzey and McCoy get a surprise hit from a wave. (They were completely safe, well from the surf… this is whitewash coming down the road.)20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_298A view from Cottage Avenue. I posted a similar photo yesterday, to give perspective. House 5th on the left was mine and Kate’s first house on the Island. Used to have a huge dune to protect the houses. It has completely washed away.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_370All kinds of things turn up in the water. McCoy grabbed onto this boogie board and it took off.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_398Patrick & Dan, Buxton Locals, stand underneath a house to keep try. Notice how close the house is to the ground… typically you can fit a car between the ground and the house.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_405School was cancelled today on Hatteras. Good thing. Wouldn’t trust the road for buses to go through. This is our only way into the village, Hwy 12. This photo was taken about the time our kids would have been getting out of school today.
20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_504Walkway in the background used to stand between a house and dune. Now it’s in the ocean… no dune.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_512Homeowners, Motel Owners, all are trying to save their property. Beach nourishment, as has been given to Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, and other coastal cities in North Carolina has been promised, but it might be too little too late. Currently promised for 2016, promises themselves aren’t going to help North Buxton. While residents await action from government, sand bags provide some reprieve from the onslaught.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_55520151005_joaquin_rnd_2_566

20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_588Cottage Avenue. Our first street when we got married. This house has been strong and stuck through some incredible tide. Don’t know how much longer these houses can take a beating. The community desperately needs the promised government help sooner rather than later.20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_641 20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_670

20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_705Looking down Cottage Ave. heading home….20151005_joaquin_rnd_2_732Buxton Feeling Hurricane Joaquin Hatteras Island Hurricane Joaquin Daniel Pullen Photography Outer Banks North Carolina

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Such awesome photo’s.


Sorry we got cut off. Your photos are the best I’ve ever seen. I was born in Columbia NC, and moved to Kill Devil Hills in the 60’s. I feel such pain for Hatteras Island. I’ve worked with Carol Dillon’s daughter on a lot of her pleas to the government for help for the island.
My thoughts and prayers are for you and all the residents.
Thank you for sharing your photos.
Joan Canipe


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Carolyn Whitmore
October 6, 2015 1:51 am

Thanks for posting these pictures and the updates. Our family and friends have been coming to the Surfing Moose(the A frame)there on Tower Circle for 10 years. Just enjoyed a week there in September before the surf went up. We’ve watched the ocean creep closer and closer to that whole area. I feel like I’m loosing a friend. How much more can these houses take? Sad.


Daniel, thanks for posting these. That’s our house with the white shutters on the windows, which I put up Friday. There was still plenty of room to park a car under the cottage then. Hate to see so much flooding, but if the worst has past, we’ll recover. We’ve done it several times before.


Thanks for recording this very devastating and sad time in such a beautiful and stunning way. Keep that beautiful family safe and give Kate a hug for me.
Peggy and John – Raleigh NC


Thank you for sharing these. We have a home on North Tower Circle – thankfully closer to Old Lighthouse Road – but it doesn’t break my heart any less to see our beach like this. Hoping for the best, especially for all of you who live in this special piece of paradise all year round.


Stay at the last house on the left on cottage avenue last May. What a difference a Noreaster makes!


Thank you Daniel for sharing. As sad as those pictures are, it is good to see pictures of the locals still smiling. We visit every year and stay at the Lighthouse View so all your pictures are very recognizable. Our thoughts and prayer are with the committee.

Ginny Szeklicki
October 7, 2015 12:33 pm

Makes me cry to see these pictures. You captured the essence of what our beautiful Buxton is experiencing and enduring. Thank you. Although I am not a home owner. My friends are and I have been coming to Buxton since 1980..I am so sad and mad that the island I know and love is disappearing and the powers “that be” have let this happen. Hoping Buxton survives the winter. Keep the photos coming and thanks again.


we often stayed at the round houses when the children were younger. Also the house with the garage was our
favorite house to stay in when it was rented by the Lighthouse View Motel. I am a watercolor artist and I painted views from some of those houses. the dunes were much more extensive then. it’s really sad to see the changes
and I hope the sand replenishment happens before it’s too late. Best to you. Jane

Elaine Hilliker
October 7, 2015 4:36 pm

Went through your lovely village late August heading to Avon for a week’s vacation with my daughters Colleen DeLine and Kathy Cooper and their families. So sorry for your losses. Hope the gov comes thru.


These photos are amazing. Thank you so much for all you do to capture even the ugly part of the beautiful place we live!

pamela barham
May 29, 2016 11:44 am

Would LOVE to see some AFTER/ NOW pictures of the same shots like a before and after comparison to see what the homes and beaches look like now May 2016….We stayed in that house a few years back on N. Tower on the corner and want to stay again this Fall 2016 but would love to know what the beaches look like today after all that devastation….

pamela barham
June 10, 2016 1:04 am

do you have any recent photos of Ocean Ave and the beaches access and beach there…if there is one still !!!


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