Bicycle Adventure to Cape Point, Hatteras

October 14, 2015
Kate Pullen

I wanted to post these photos from an adventure Makenzey and I had a couple weeks ago to Cape Point, but weather and work kind of took precedence…

I somehow talked Makenzey… aka Zilla… into going out to Cape Point with me.

We had to park and the Old Lighthouse Site and bike in the rest of the way.

The park was closed due to Hurricane Joaquin being off of the coast and flooding down by the beach access to the point.

All in all it was about a 3 hour ordeal but it was truly and adventure.

We saw crabs on the road and all kinds of debris on the beach. On the way home we got caught in a rain storm.

I wouldn’t have traded this day for anything.

It is a special place that we call home.


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Bicycle Adventure to Cape Point, Hatteras

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