All in a Day.

April 23, 2016
Kate Pullen

Thursday morning started with time with my girls- Kenz double fisting with Walter & Crimson before school. I take the kids to school everyday, and when I come home Kate has “me time” which usually means time with the guitar. I got my gear together and headed to Ocracoke for Becca & Jason’s elopement. Along the way I was grateful for help from friends who made sure I made it on the ferry in time, and my friend Neil, for hooking me up with an incredible assistant for the day, his cousin Heather. Heather took me to some of the coolest spots on Ocracoke I’ve seen yet (saving those images for another post.) I headed home to sunset and moonrise on the ferry- can’t beat the Hatteras-Ocracoke commute. Started the next morning with coffee in Nags Head with a good friend, Verna, who helped keep me in-line at Foundation Workshop in Texas this February and friend, photographer, mentor David Alan Harvey. Pretty good 24 hours. Grateful. This is life.

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