Maddison’s First Trip to the Beach: Family Mini Session

April 27, 2016
Kate Pullen

Maddison’s parents wanted to make sure that they photographed her first trip to the beach, and we were really excited to document the occasion during their family beach mini-session. We kept it fun, relaxed, and interactive. Everyone was constantly on the move, smiling and giggling. I had a really great assistant for the shoot too. Jackson tagged along with me all day for “Take your child to work day.” I put him to work as my assistant. He is incredibly attentive and listens to what I say because he wants to get it right. It’s crazy because it seems like yesterday he was Maddison’s age, now he is taller than his mom, and will probably pass me before long. Note to all parents: enjoy every moment… from the first trip to the beach to the moments when they get so big they can pick you up… they are all really special.

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