Maleia: Lighting Ratios

March 9, 2016
Kate Pullen

I’ve been working on a series of studio shots for PPA ,and I was stoked that Maleia agreed to model for us in the studio. She is one of the most energetic, relaxed, and funny people I have ever seen in front of the camera.

This series has really pushed me to fine tune technical aspects of my work- especially studio work. For everyone who assumes photographers just snap a pic, and it’s done… there is a lot to be learned. Understanding light (and how to properly work with it) takes time, energy, effort, and intentional practice. Studio light is an entirely different ballgame than using outdoor ambient light (which itself too is a learning process on how to harness it, use it affectively, and creatively.)

I never want to stop learning and growing as a professional photographer (or as a human being for that matter) and the best way to do that is to push myself to do more- learn more-be more…. hard work….In this series, I started out with the intention of working with 3:1 Lighting Ratios, while I did a bit of that throughout the session, my focus changed to my white-seamless shots (partly because I started the session ill prepared to effectively shoot 3:1) So next in the series will be a full set of 3:1 Lighting Ratio images, and I’ll take you through my process.

For now, I’ve included photos from all throughout this session: in part so you can see my thought process throughout the session, and in part because Maleia is just that awesome I didn’t want to leave out any of her expressions.

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