50th Wedding Anniversary

December 4, 2015
Kate Pullen

My parents will celebrate 50 years of Marital Bliss on Christmas Eve.

It was going to be too crazy to try to get all of our family together over Christmas Holidays.

My sister worked really hard to pull together a surprise party to celebrate and honor my parents over Thanksgiving instead. It was a really humbling experience… one of those when you know that memories were created that will stay with us and our kids for a lifetime. Kenzilla and her cousin, Bizee, colored luminaries that lit the pathway to the church, family and friends came from all over, everyone pitched in a hand to help, and my folks were truly surprised.

I just wanted to share a handful of images from the Celebration.

Congrats Mom and Dad!


* Special thanks to Donna from Cake Hatteras for one of the best cakes we’ve ever had, and the folks at Buxton UMC who let my sister plan the party at the church! And huge thanks to family and friends who travelled from near and far!

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