Hatteras Island Oyster Roast

February 5, 2017
Kate Pullen

“An oyster roast for the coast!” The Annual Hatteras Island Oyster Roast is a community-wide celebration sponsored by the North Carolina Coastal Federation and The Outer Banks Tourism Bureau at Oden’s Dock in Hatteras Village.  It’s purpose is to celebrate the community and the coastal environment on which we depend. It doubles as a fundraiser to raise much needed funds for local storm relief and the Federation’s northeast programs. For me, the day really embodies everything that The Hatteras Fisherman Project is about: community,  balance, hard work, cultural tradition, and respect for the ocean.

I decided to document the day from Cody’s point of view-  Cody is a sixth grader at Cape Hatteras Secondary School. He is always around the docks when I’m shooting. He’s a “hatris boy,” kind of an old-timer fisherman trapped in a kids body. All day he  was working… those oysters didn’t get on the plate by magic… lots of hard work from a lot of dedicated people put them there.

Hope you enjoy!

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To view the full gallery of photos from the 2017 Hatteras Island Oyster Roast Click HERE.

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