Daniel Pullen Photographers

We are a team of visual storytellers
based out of Hatteras Island  North Carolina,

Our passion is to Creatively Narrate moving life moments

through engaging documentary photographs

Daniel Pullen and team have served as leaders in avant-garde photography on the Outer Banks since 2003. From Daniel’s notable career as a surf and documentary photographer, to our team of progressive associates, our task is to provide our clients with stellar five-star images through exclusive and engaging artistry.

Whether shooting close to home or far away, on assignment or for personal work, we believe that compelling stories can be found in every circumstance of life. Our goal is to photograph those palpable moments with genuine emotion and timelessness.

We are honored by each story we are given to tell…

each moment we are entrusted to capture

The Team

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

–Phil Jackson








Our Mission

Our mission is to work as a cohesive team, in order to bring out the best in one another, so that we consistently produce professional, dynamic, refined, photographs with creativity, heart, and purpose.

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“It’s no secret there’s a high concentration of professional photographers on the Outer Banks…It can be hard to keep up with photographers on the beach when they’re springing up like wildflowers, but one that stands out is local artist and photographer Daniel Pullen.”
The North Beach Sun



What we do:

Featuring the best of Daniel’s iconic documentary projects and surf photography, our Hatteras Island Fine Art Gallery is scheduled to open Summer 2016. Make sure to stop by, say “hi”, and leave with your own piece of Hatteras.

Commercial Clients & Publishing

Nags Head Hammocks
Third Avenue Partners
Little Pink Houses of Hope
Natural Art
Nc Wildlife
Bit Grain
Outer Banks Community Foundation
Resort Realty
Our State
Sea Grant
Surf or Sound
Outer Beaches Realty
Outer Banks Magazine
Three Dog
Outer Banks Wedding Association
Eastern National
Hatteras Realty
Virginian Pilot
Zoo York



Summer is Here! Documentary Sessions 2016 Have Begun

Summer is Here! Documentary Sessions 2016 Have Begun

May 26 2016

Documentary sessions have begun for 2016, and for us that means Summer is here! These are both my favorite and most challenging…

Wanchese Fish Company: Day at the Dock

Wanchese Fish Company: Day at the Dock

May 25 2016

The Hatteras Fisherman project has evolved over the years to encompass the entire journey of the seafood that lands itself on our…

Cody & Kristyn Engagement Session

Cody & Kristyn Engagement Session

May 24 2016

Engagement sessions are our chance to get to meet, work with, and hang out with our clients. We count ourselves pretty fortunate…

Nate & Beth, Croatan Ridge Wedding

Nate & Beth, Croatan Ridge Wedding

May 23 2016

We Narrate Life Through
purposeful & innovative images.

Find Us At

Osprey Shopping Center, Buxton, Hatteras Island, NC 

Gallery Hours: By Appointment Only (Gallery Under Design and Construction opening soon!)


If you are interested in partnering with us for a session or project, we require email as the first point of contact. This is a great way for us to begin a dialog and keep our correspondence documented. Please fill out the contact form below so that we can provide detailed information designed to directly answer your individual questions and unique needs.